Enisde’s Salt Therapy Halotherapy Spa offers a range of comfortable, relaxing and affordable environments for your appointment. Each is a distinctive and tranquil experience. All of our rooms and beds are HEPA-filtered—the dry salt air is completely exchanged before every client. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We can recommend the best option for your needs.

As of September 1st 2021, all services for adolescents 10-18 years of age have been reduced to half price. Children under 10 are free with a paying adult family member. The Dawn Room is reserved for customers 16 years of age or older.

The salt rooms are shared spaces, where there may be other clients during your session. If you seek a fully private experience, we recommend booking a session in our salt beds.

For information pertaining to group sessions or children’s birthday parties, please call before booking to learn about our special group pricing.

The Dawn Room and Bonsai Room require a four person minimum.

Dawn Room

This setting provides the full salt-cave experience, with a room-wide salt floor. Enjoy the comfort of a lounger chair, or lay out a blanket and breathe in the dry salt air, like a restful day at the beach. Read a book, meditate or take a nap. The time is all yours.

Salt Room
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Bonsai Room

Enjoy this stunning salt room that features a large salt sandbox floor on half of the room and beautiful wood floors on the other half. Recline in the zero-gravity chairs and let the soft, healing music transport you from the hustle of the world outside.

*If you would like to schedule a session in the Bonsai Room with or for a child under the age of 18, please call us before booking online.

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Willow Room

A peaceful and welcoming salt room. Relax on the moon pods—anti-anxiety float chairs that deliver a full body weightless sensation—to gentle and calming music. 

Salt Bed
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Zen Room and Namaste Room

Indulge in our most private setting with state-of-the-art salt therapy beds. Reap the same benefits in half the time in these enclosed environments. Lay a towel right on the salt, or sink into the bed-like comfort of a memory foam topper. Because your head is protected and your skin more exposed, the concentrated salt air is especially beneficial to those seeking relief from conditions like rosacea or psoriasis. As always, feel free to drift off to the relaxing ambient music. You’ve earned this experience.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure adequate time for paperwork and additional questions or concerns.

In addition to the pricing schedule below, memberships are available. Please contact us for further information!


45-minute session in salt rooms $45
30-minute session in private salt bed $30

Salt Bed Package Pricing

3 sessions $84
6 sessions $162

Salt Room Package Pricing

2 sessions $86
3 sessions $123
4 sessions $156
6 sessions $222
8 sessions $280
10 sessions $340

Please note that packages are for personal use only. Click here for information about this or our other policies.

Session Details

Appointment lengths vary according to individual needs and the specific room or bed selected. Sessions in salt rooms typically last 45 minutes. Sessions in salt beds typically last 20 minutes, helpful to those with especially busy schedules. For those wishing privacy, we recommend a session in our salt beds.

The recommended frequency of sessions in halotherapy depends upon the treatment goals of each person. Certain conditions respond better to a “front loading” period of higher frequency appointments, before settling into a less frequent “maintenance” period. Please contact us with questions about your particular goals—we’re here to provide custom-tailored recommendations.