Enisde’s Salt Therapy Halotherapy Spa is a relaxing, healing and singular spa experience in Palmer, MA. We offer several restful, comfortable salt rooms and salt beds that mimic the luxurious and beneficial microclimate of a salt cave.

Our HEPA-filtered environments go through a complete air exchange before every session, ensuring the ultimate protective experience.

This holistic approach is affordable, science-backed and tailored for your individual needs or conditions. Salt spa therapy can benefit people of all ages, including children, who seek relief from asthma, anxiety, cold and flu symptoms, allergies, skin ailments and more. Looking for the ultimate in relaxation? Book an appointment with us today.


About the owner

Denise Pelletier suffered from Lyme disease and related ailments, including Bartonella, asthma and eczema, for more than 20 years. She was diagnosed after 18 years of seeking care for her symptoms—which included wheezing and other breathing issues—from a variety of doctors and specialists. Believing that western medicine has its place, she also sought holistic relief, knowing that the tandem approaches can help address health concerns. There are also diseases, like Lyme, whose intricacies are not fully understood, and can benefit from holistic modalities.

After visiting salt caves to try dry salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, Denise’s breathing improved, she was less reliant on her inhaler, could cut back on her asthma medication and her eczema improved as well. She felt healthier overall, and found the sessions were relaxing and stress-relieving. She was so amazed by the positive life changes she experienced, she opened her own halotherapy spa, Enisde’s Salt Therapy, to share the benefits with others.

“The great thing about holistic health is that we are in charge. Not the doctors, not the insurance companies. If something works for us, we aren’t shut off. All too many times when we have an illness such as asthma, COPD, allergies etc., we are put on medication that helps with the symptoms but almost never is a cure. When we do find a medication that works, how long do we get to take it until we are shut off for a generic brand, insurance problems or other issues? Even though western medicine has its place I personally like feeling like I have some control over my own health. That’s what Salt Therapy is for me.”

                                                                                                                                            — Denise Pelletier