Benefits of
Salt Therapy

Ready to step out of the fray? Relax and restore at Enisde’s Salt Therapy Halotherapy Spa—you’ve never experienced anything like it. Our affordable, one-of-a-kind therapy elevates the typical spa environment with a holistic, drug-free and safe process. Salt therapy purifies the air and provides an abundance of health and wellness benefits beyond mere tranquility.

  • Indulge in a calm, meditative and healing environment.
  • Reward yourself with a stress treatment that offers a respite from daily life.
  • Enjoy healthier skin, better breathing and better sleep.
  • Stabilize your mood, and return to the world with a more relaxed and centered self.

How Safe is
Salt Therapy?

Halotherapy is a completely natural, drug-free and holistic process that provides relief from stress and various respiratory and skin conditions. It safely complements traditional medical therapies and prescribed medications. Salt is antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. The salt air creates a virtually sterile environment, three times cleaner than a sterile hospital surgery room.

Salt therapy is also safe and beneficial for children. Depending on the age and treatment goals for the child, salt concentration levels and session lengths can be adjusted. Please speak with your pediatrician.