Has 2020 been a relaxing year for you? We’re going to guess…probably not. There’s nothing like a worldwide pandemic, months-long quarantines and widespread unemployment to fray the nerves. But in honor of World Mental Health Day, October 10, we look at how salt therapy can help.

High levels of depression and anxiety in the population have been intensified by the effects of COVID-19. So it’s crucial for our survival to make self-care a priority.

Poor mental health and surplus stress can lead to further health problems and suffering. With good mental health, we build resiliency, feeling better equipped to handle whatever life sends our way.

How Can Salt Therapy Help with Stress?

Salt therapy is well-known for its beneficial effects upon both respiratory and skin conditions. Following halotherapy sessions, our spa customers have reported relief from allergies, COPD, emphysema, rosacea, psoriasis and other conditions.

Our salt spa environments are also like havens of calm. Our salt rooms and salt beds are quiet places where you can sit, lie down, meditate, nap or listen to quiet music.

There’s nothing required of you during a salt therapy session except breathing. That’s it. It’s your time to step out of the fray and find some peace.

Because of the salt air’s negative ions, people have reported feeling invigorated and refreshed by a session, sometimes comparing it to a day spent at the beach, inhaling the calming sea air.

Isn’t it time you took some time? For yourself, that is. Find peace at our spa with a session of salt therapy. Questions? Contact us—we’d love to hear from you.