Dr. Cindy Hollenbeck has worked extensively with thought leaders in the respiratory field as a Medical Science Liaison and Research and Speaker Consultant for Merck & Co Inc.
She was a Clinical Scientist for Predictive Genetics & DNA Diagnostics, a company that she founded in 2002 to test the proficiency and accreditation of different genetic markers.
I approached Dr. Hollenbeck in mid 2020 with a question from a potential client of mine who asked me, “Can I benefit from HaloTherapy as a medical oxygen patient?”
The following is the answer I received from Dr. Hollenbeck:
“Yes, people on oxygen can still benefit from HaloTherapy. I have read reports of clients with COPD using prescribed medications, a nebulizer and an oxygen tank 24/7, who still found additional improvement to their condition after some amount of prolonged HaloTherapy treatment.”
Dr. Hollenbeck went on to fill me in about one anonymous client’s testimonial. She described that prior to HaloTherapy, this client’s oximeter readings were 88-92%. After just one week, noticeable improvements were already evident. After five more weeks of HaloTherapy (45 minute sessions, 3-4 times a week), this client’s oximeter readings had improved to be in excess of 98%. I absolutely loved hearing this.
This was over a year ago by now, so let’s fast forward to present day.
I often find myself contemplating the unfortunate reality I face – not only as the owner of a HaloTherapy Spa – but as a long time proponent of HaloTherapy’s holistic benefits. The unfortunate reality facing all of us is that the general public has an extremely limited knowledge – if any – about HaloTherapy or it’s extraordinary benefits. I do not stand alone in my beliefs that HaloTherapy is truly one of the purest holistic remedies for a multitude of ailments.
In my opinion, in the opinions of my colleagues, and in the opinions of others who hold some very prestigious positions in the field of holistic therapy… the most important thing we as humans can do for our health and overall wellness is to practice preventative maintenance, whatever that may entail.
HaloTherapy is all natural, and the benefits far outweigh any perceived negatives. I have been a student and teacher in this field for years now, and to date – no one has been able to provide me with any legitimately sourced information about any negative side effects when it comes to this practice.
HaloTherapy is widely considered to be one of the best and safest ways to boost one’s immune system. It also naturally detoxes the lungs and sinuses of allergens and debris which we all inhale on a daily basis. I truly hope more people will try it – not only here at Enisde’s – but as a whole.
Wherever you happen to live, I strongly encourage you to seek out your local HaloTherapy Spa and give it a try. You won’t regret the decision.
Our health shouldn’t be considered a luxury. Let’s start treating our health as a priority!