This COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown have left many of us frazzled and without a lot of the activities and people we enjoy the most. Although we had to close the spa for a few months, we’re happy to announce that we have now reopened, with several safety precautions in place. Self-care is more important than ever, so if you are ready to relax, call us and schedule a halotherapy session.

HEPA Air Filtration

We’re currently only booking individuals or members of the same group in our salt rooms. For this reason, you don’t have to wear a face mask during your session, so you can really relax and breathe deeply. We do ask that you wear a mask in the lobby and other areas of the spa.

You can be reassured that the air is clean, thanks to our state of the art HEPA filtration purification system, which provides air quality similar to that of an operating room. Each room undergoes a complete HEPA-filtered air exchange before every salt therapy session, ensuring the ultimate protective experience. We also disinfect all surfaces in the rooms between guests.

Take Care

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been inspired by the many creative ways people have found to care for themselves and others. From drive-by birthday parties and Zoom visits to virtual graduation ceremonies, we’ve seen a lot of ingenuity. We’ve missed all of you and are so happy that we’ve reopened and can welcome you back. After all the challenges we’ve faced this year, you deserve this unique and restorative experience. Ready to relax? Contact us to book a session today.